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Been Takin’ A Break…
February 7, 2010, 3:48 am
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One of my best friends/bartender/manager at my favorite bar down the street from my apartment moved in with me last week, hence the lack of updates.

The negative of this has been him taking away from my blogging time.  The positives?  Free beer, his 40+” plasma TV next to mine, him convincing me to get Forza 3 and XBox Live and turning my apartment into a true bachelor’s pad.  Add me on Xbox Live if you want. under “Kyusha Kai”.

Forza 3 on the left and Modern Warfare on the right.  I suck so bad at MW.  If you’re playing Kyusha Kai and getting your ass handed to you in that game, it’s probably my friends playing.

Christmas time!  USPS is the greatest.  Bunch of parts from Techno Toy Tuning (camber plates and coilovers) as well as new spindle pins and nuts from Motorsport Auto.

Finally, a sneak peak at one of my other best friend’s “Kyusha Kai Support Vehicle”, the XB on some familiar looking Longchamps.  14 x 7 +11 in the front and 15 x 7 -1 in the rears.  This is the best picture I could take at the bar with my phone (No, I wasn’t drunk yet).


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haha. good stuff.
3 more weeks! yeeeeeeee

Comment by eseer

Enough video games. Go install the new stuff.

Comment by enoezam

So 15×8 -14 in the rear. That’s what about 4 inches of lip? I wonder how much lip 15×9 0 offset or -17 would have.

Comment by enoezam

yeah i got 4 inches of lip. 9 inches with -17 offset should be about 5 inches.

Comment by kyushakai

Oh yes! Finally! The car will finally have some killer stance!

Comment by rpreme

Nice parts there! But, are you sure about that “not drunk” thing 🙂

Comment by monkeymagic86

haha. i promise! i got drunk 10 minutes after i took that picture! hahaha.

Comment by kyushakai

are you using converters? correct me if im wrong but arent XBs 4x100pcd… i have only seen one pair of long champs in 4×100

Comment by tetsuyagarage

it’s actually my friends XB. you’re correct, xb’s are 4×100. he’s useing a 4×114.3 spacer/converter.

Comment by kyushakai

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