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Gettin’ Ready!
January 30, 2010, 3:05 am
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Decided to stop being lazy and get some stuff done.  Good thing I have awesome friends who are willing to drive me all over the island, help with labor and bring over his impact gun.  All for the price of a lunch off the dollar menu at McDonalds.  HAHAHA.

Test fit the rims today!  Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the fronts, but they’re looking pretty good!  Don’t mind the dirty car…

The rears.  Ooooh yeah, that’s looking good.  Once it’s slammed it, I think I might need to run a little spacer all around, camber it and roll the inner fender lip.  But things are looking good!  I can’t wait!  I didn’t mount the tires yet because I still need to get the rims repaired.  Curbs and some pretty bad scratches.  We drove to two different wheel repair places to get quotes.  The first guy didn’t want to do it because he was was saying it would be too much work to take off the anodization (?) to get to the scratches.  Not too sure he knew what he was talking about…  Second place we went to, the guy wasn’t in the shop so I couldn’t get a quote.  My friend got his done there though and they charged him a grip…  More than $500 to take out a couple of curbs and polish a PAIR of Longchamps!  I might just find someone to fix the curbs, then sand and polish the crap out of them by myself.

I was going to keep this one a secret, but hopefully, I’m going to have another secret weapon later.  Found these on Ebay for $20.  Brand new Hawaii license plates from 1969-1977!  Click on the picture and check out the packaging too.  Brand spanking new!  Something was happening with PayPal and it wouldn’t allow me to pay for it so I asked the guy if we could meet up so he wouldn’t have to pay for shipping.

Him:  So what are you going to use these plates for?  Are you a plate collector?

Me:  No, I have a 1973 Datsun 240Z and I thought it would be a nice touch to have period correct plates.

Him:  So all you need is some registration stickers then to complete it?

Me:  Yeah, I’ve seen someone selling some from 1975 so I’m probably going to buy those.

Him:  *Reaches in his car* Here, I have these brand new from ’73.

Me:  *Jaw drops*

Despite not being able to find a place to fix my rims, I’m still stoked.  Today was a good day.  And I didn’t even have to use my AK.


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Wow! The license place will be a nice touch. That’s even more awesome that he even had the registration sticker.

Comment by N/Aontherun

Thats dope!!!!

Comment by Brice Hiranaka (BKH808)

Dope as hell, nice story too.

Your car is coming together real nice man.

Comment by Alan

Again lookin sick…….gah you did it first. I’ve been lookin for old school Oregon plates too. But theyre all mangled usually. An you have an AK? Let me borrow that.

Comment by enoezam

I’m gonna write a book about this guy in Hawaii. He had a similar car, and similar motives. He just did eveything faster, and better.

Comment by enoezam

yeah, and now he’s broker. hahaha.

Comment by kyushakai

That is very flush. And lovin the old school license plate. Keep up the good work!

Comment by rpreme

Very nice! Its the details that matter, and the fact that you got a period correct plate PLUS registration dating the year of your car is epic! Now I can’t wait to return to Hawaii!!! GAHHHH!!!

Comment by eseer

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