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Happy 100th!
January 29, 2010, 3:38 am
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100th post!  It’s mind boggling that in a short 3 months, I’ve gotten 17,000+ views and gotten to meet some amazing people.  I just figured I’d take the time to thank everybody that reads my spiel and discuss what I’m all about.

As a kid, I’ve always loved muscle cars and exotics.  As I entered high school, imports stole my attention.  I had planned to build an SR20 swapped S13 for a street car and drift car.  Before I even had my license (early 2000), I would catch the bus for an hour, then walk for 45 minutes through the industrial wastelands to watch Drift Session at Hawaii Raceway Park.  As drifting inevitably exploded into the mainstream and pushed the price point of 240sx’s and SR20’s out of reach, I grew bored of drifting.  Most importantly, I didn’t want to be driving the same car as everyone else .  I wanted to be different.  Motorcycles took over my life and then the MR2 Turbo became my weapon of choice on our local mountain road.  One day the MR2 was broken into and the thieves had taken thousands of dollars in parts, so I gave up on her.  I was saving up to go the VIP route and build a LS430 or SC430, but once again, the VIP scene blew up and I again refused to go with the mainstream.  The 240Z had always been one of my favorites since I had gotten into imports and I had started a new job making some pretty good money.  My coworker always had pictures of his classic VW Beetle and 240Z that I would stare at.  The Z in particular.  When he saw how enamored with the Z I was, he offered to sell it to me.

Driving the Z, is one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Better than falling in love with my first girlfriend.  Better than carving turns on a motorcycle at breakneck speeds.  It feels so raw and so connected when I’m behind the wheel.  Every bump in the road transmitted.  Gawking at the gas station from strangers.  Sitting in the garage and staring at her.  Running her through the gears and hearing her scream at 7000rpms.  This is why I love her so much.

Ask a vintage Japanese car enthusiast what the term “Kyusha” or “Kyusha Kai” means and the majority would say a modified vintage car or motorcycle from Japan.  I chose the name because not only is this blog about modified J-Tin, but also as a play on the name of the dojo from Karate Kid, the Cobra Kai dojo.  I see those into the Kyusha Kai lifestyle very much like Cobra Kai…  Ruthless, raw and willing to do almost anything to be the best.

As I stand now with the Z?  Get her ready for HF4.  Hopefully I can take the wheels out to be refinished tomorrow.  Suspension in the mail to get her stanced out.  Within the next couple of years, I want to to put together a 3.1L stroked motor and just build the best all around streetcar I can and keep upgrading her until gasoline is no more.  Then she will sit in my living room until I die and pass her on to my child.



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Congrats on the 100th psot…You have an awesome blog sir, not just for car pics, but info on Z history & Japanese nostalgics..
Thanks again and Im ready for 100 more posts.. haha!
Cant wait to see your ride(in pics) at HF4!

Comment by Freddy

100th post. Damn you have been killin lately. I’m lookin forward to seein your Z stanced up. Haha your car and blog are hella nicer then mine.

Comment by enoezam

Hey so I was just wonderin. Is it only the 1970 240Z’s that have the vertical defrost, and little vents at the bottom? I’ve seen 71’s an 72’s without it so I’m just assuming.

Comment by enoezam

late model 1971 z’s is when they swapped to the c pillar vents instead of the hatch vents. not too sure about the vertical defrost lines. i think it’s the same though.

Comment by kyushakai

Thanks. On a side note you saw this right?

Comment by enoezam

…and of course the reason they changed the cabin ventilation system was that the first one let recirculating air from the rear of the car (ie. exhaust) back into the cabin. Which is not a pleasant experience.

Comment by kyteler

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such great content to read about. Anytime I need info on a older Z car I come sift through your blog.

Comment by ptarach

haha, thanks a lot man!

Comment by kyushakai

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