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Merry Christmas To Me!
January 27, 2010, 2:08 am
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Dropped some cash on my Z and myself today.  Really shouldn’t be doing this but I live by the quote, “Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse”.  Seriously, what’s the point of not enjoying the finer things in life while you’re young?  I really don’t want to be the guy who buys a cherry red Corvette at age 65.

Picked these up today for the Z from Techno Toy Tuning.  Weld-in camber plates and Ground Control coilovers to use with Techno Toy Tuning’s RCA’s and Tokico Illuminas.

This stunning champaign S30Z has been making it’s rounds on the internet as one of the gnarliest Z’s to be built lately.  It’s being built by Dennis a.k.a Dsalni, one of the sickest automotive artists.

So of course, I knew I HAD to have one of these Z prints on a 15.5″ x 48″ on canvas when he released it.  Unfortunately for me, I was broke at the time and with a limit of 5 runs, I thought I was S.O.L.  BUT I GOT THE LAST ONE!  It will look fantastic on the wall of my garage.  When I buy a house.  In 40 years.  But for now, I’m thinking above my TV in the living room.

And to compliment the Z, some of these sweet “Under Construction” stickers.  She really is a project that will forever be under construction.  Plus, if I’m shipping over the canvas, I might as well have Dennis throw some of these stickies in there.

Techno Toy Tuning’s website
Dennis a.k.a. Dsalni’s blog


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thanks so much for the props and the support Lance!!

the first thing i saw in the post – the camber plates, i said to myself: “I NEED THOSE!!!!” and then i see a photo of my car during surgery lol.. it desperately needs some of those! without them, i cant go lower….

thanks again Lance!

Comment by dsalni

no problem man! i really wish i had some deeper pockets so i could pick up the techno toy tuning control arms and tension rods so i could do it all in one shot, but i need to save some money for fixing my wheels (curbs and repolish) and bodywork before hellaflush4.

Comment by kyushakai

Isn’t late or… early Christmas great?

Yea Dsalni is a great artist and I’ve been meaning to get one of his prints because I like’em and to support his work, but I did get a set of those “Under Construction” stickers.

Your Z will be greatly happy with those new mods.

Comment by N/Aontherun

haha, it’s a super late christmas present. i had absolutely no money for the last couple of months (i work in the hotel industry and it’s been dead here in hawaii), but it’s slowly picking back up and the paychecks are getting a little fatter.

Comment by kyushakai

Very nice. We all have to give in for our passion!

Comment by rpreme

Shiet! I wanted to pick up the last of Dennis sick drawing..FML…haha

Comment by Freddy

Damn always out-coolin me. So your goin to Hellaflush 4?

Comment by enoezam

Ahh the wonders of a paycheck. I need that in my life. How long before your parts arrive? And you start the build?

Comment by enoezam

parts should start arriving the beginning of next week. my friend who’s going to be helping me with the build is off on sunday, monday and tuesday so either next week or the week after will be when we start.

and yes, the kyusha kai crew will be planning on breaking necks at HF4.

Comment by kyushakai

Dude! You bought the last one? I was gonna buy it. I was waiting for my paycheck too. Good for you. looks awesome.

Comment by Dereck

I’m jelous of your Z

Comment by Seen in Japan

Man Lance, you’re a lucky man! I wish I could pick up one of his prints one day! They’re all so nice! You going to plop your car right next to the SH booth? I’ll show you what we’ve gathered so far 😀

Comment by eseer

OMG LUCKY! I wanted to get that Z on canvas.. but when I even knew about it.. it was long long gone.

Comment by Johnny

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