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January 26, 2010, 3:45 am
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HS30-H from Japanese Nostalgic Car shared an insane KPGC10 from the Nagano prefecture built by a gentleman who goes by the name of Matsui san.  This is a GENUINE GT-R, which I find incredible because not only was no stone was left unturned, but also because it seems so rare for GT-R’s to be so highly modified.  Most modified Skylines from this era are GT-R clones, as it really is tough to chop up a $200k+ car.

The S20 engine truly is a work of art.  The amount of thought that went into this thing is amazing…  The whole set up was pushed as far back towards the firewall and lowered as much as possible.  It was then cracked open for a stroker kit featuring Umeda Tuning long stroke crank, with the largest pistons and sleeves that could be fitted for a monstrous, 2300 CC’s.  The head was worked over with custom camshafts and drivetrain to really allow this GT-R to scream.  Fuel is inhaled through triple 48 DCOE Webers…  This thing must suck more gas than a spaceship!  Not too sure what the owner was thinking with the green valve cover and gray engine bay paint though.

Dry sump set up with my favorite kinds of fittings…  Colorful AN’s!

I would jack this car up to clean and polish the dirty bits after every drive if I owned a car this awesome.  The suspension is a custom set up and fully adjustable.  Stopping duties comes from a rear disc conversion and AP Racing calipers at all corners.  Keeping the tires spinning is an R200 diff with a Group A R31 rear cover and CV conversion.

The interior is left fairly stock, with the additions of a racing seat and a Nissan Sports Option ‘Mach’steering wheel.  Why can’t all cockpits be this simple and well thought out from the factory?

The paint under the trunklid looks cleaner than my paint!  Safari Gold looks fantastic on the Hakosuka!

Matsui san ditched the heavy chrome bumpers for a pair of handmade alloy bumpers.  Very interesting concept…  I wonder what the weight savings were?

This is the second time in one night I’m showing off a car that sports Work Equip 01’s.  They really are a sweet set of wheels…  And I’m not even a fan of four spoke wheels.  Judging by the Bridgestone Potenza’s in 190/60/13, I’ll venture a guess as to the wheels being 13 x 7 with an offset around -5ish?

Absolutely stunning.  I would trade anything in the world to have such a well built car.

HS30-H’s post with a full(er) spec list and his insight.


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WOW! This thing is SO clean

Comment by N/Aontherun

Dry sump……. are those streetable? I hear they improve handling alot.

Comment by enoezam

The owner of the car is DEFINITELY planning on putting miles on this car… I would drive this beast everywhere too.

I was just reading about dry sumps and it seems the only reason why a wet sump is better is the price.

Comment by kyushakai

WTF. The Z is gettin one.

Comment by enoezam

I heard toward the end race S20 were makin over 400hp.

Comment by enoezam

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