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Interesting Turbo L28
January 24, 2010, 12:14 am
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Bulletproof.  The L28et was the turbocharged engine that powered the 280ZX and it was damn near bulletproof.  Because of this, when S30Z owners are looking to turbocharge their cars, swapping in the L28et is one of the first things they consider.  Displacement, durable construction, ease of the swap and fuel injection.  However, every so often, there is a black sheep.

I found this picture on HybridZ via turboHLS30.  He was asking a question about fusible links and voltage regulators, hence the yellow Microsoft Paint square.  Anyway, on to the good stuff.  An E88 head from a 240Z, triple 40 DCOE Mikuni carbs and a Cartech turbo kit with a T04B snail.  The whole set ups for sale for $2200.

I love seeing different set ups and this Cartech kit is definitely one of a kind.  Swimming upstream can be pretty awesome.



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I think NA powered Z’s are cooler. Somehow boost just seems to wild for the cars lines.

Comment by enoezam

I’m surprised you didn’t mention the DevilZ when you posted this. 😉

Comment by kyteler

LOL! i was going to, but i figured everyone was tired of hearing me rattle on about the devil Z.

Comment by kyushakai

When I found an intake on YAJ a while back I couldn’t help but share it and mention the DevilZ, it just has to be done! Here’s the HKS one I found…

Comment by kyteler

It does bear a distinct likeness. Carbed turbo inline 6’s aren’t really common.

Comment by Jesse

That’s my setup. I was suprised to see me swap all over the internet like this LOL. The swap is running and driving now. I have yet to dyno it yet because there is still some tuning issues to deal with. The swap is still for sale though.

Comment by turboHLS30

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