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Rest In Peace
January 18, 2010, 4:58 pm
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The Celica was once a raw, rear drive beast. As it grew up it became a turbocharged, all wheel drive animal, capable of tearing up the streets, the track and the rally course. Unfortunately, Toyota grabbed a big pair of scissors and neutered the Celica, leaving us with an anemic, front wheel drive people mover before axing the car completely.

Times are certainly looking better for the Big T with the arrival of the LF-A and the newcoming lightweight, the FT-86.  For some however, the original Celica will always be the greatest.

I don’t know why but I’ve really been diggin’ these Celicas as of late.  This spotless blue Celica is the perfect example of a killer street car.

A decent sized intercooler playing hide-and-seek behind the front end.  I wonder what’s in the engine bay?

I usually hate molded flares, but the combination of the slammage and the mesh wheels really help this Celica out.

The infamous Boso Celica from Australia.  He actually has two oil coolers…  One inside of the bumper to run daily and the external one here for shows.

Can’t argue with that stance!

The other end of the spectrum…  Function over form.  The God’s of JDM tuning, Top Secret, unleashed this fastback on the world a few years ago.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t sporting a crazy motorswap.  A period correct, twin cam 18RG resides in the bay with individual throttle bodies.

I just love this picture.


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Oh yes! Some RA Love!!

Comment by rpreme

Glad you love that last picture – it was taken by me! That’s my TA22 on the left…

Comment by christse

Celica love…Awesome!

Comment by Freddy

This really makes me miss my old RA29 fastback Celica. They’re awesome cars, with the best-feeling live rear axle I’ve ever driven.

Comment by Jesse

First an last pic ftw.

Comment by enoezam

yeah love the last picture

Comment by Zul

I grew up in a celica. My dad had a 1983 GTS

Comment by toiletblogs

Nice post. I’ve loved Celicas all my life. I’ve got an ST185 in the garage and the anemic, front wheel drive people mover ZZT231, blown of course. I’d love an RA someday. Siiigh.

Comment by mrcid

thanks for the “killer street car” comment! the blue Celica is mine. glad you like it! has an F20C swap from a 2001 Honda S2000.

the silver Celica in the 2nd pic has an SR20DET swap… owned by a friend of mine and has now been sold.

Comment by Ray

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