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Julian’s MA61
January 17, 2010, 2:18 am
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Another sweet car I wanted to share some pictures with everyone. I still have to find out the full specs though.

Julian, the owner of this CLEAN 2nd generation Supra, has always been coming out to my meets.

Sittin’ pretty at the 2nd Old School Meet that I threw.  I forgot what kind of rims these were but they were dope!

Blasting through a tunnel.  We had two camera cars for this one…  Reese grabbed this picture.  I wanted a picture of my car in the tunnel like this, but my other cameraman/cousin Ren, was too busy watching Tokyo Drift on the DVD player.  LOL.

The latest Kyusha Kai New Years Meet.  I love the roof wing.  Oh and excuse the Dodge Neon next to him.

Oooooh…  Are those new rims?

Why, yes they are!  Diamond Racing Wheels courtesy of everyone’s favorite homie, Ralph.  I believe 15 x 10 -21 in the front and a staggering 15 x 10 -38 in the rear.

Believe me, I’ve been trying to figure out what Ralph’s going to be running for HellaFlush4. Once me allows me to tell the world (he’s going to tell me the full specs on the wheels but I’m going to be sworn to secrecy until HF4), a full feature will be coming on everybody’s favorite Cressida.


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Very nice!

Comment by eseer

MA61 I swear alot of the 80’s Toyota’s sound like Gundam’s. An damn it Kyusha stop posting cars I got rid of. I hate myself.

Comment by enoezam

Ralph’s old wheels look perfect for that Supra!

Comment by Jin

Oh yes it looks awesome on a MA61, especially this one. It warms my heart to see it being taken care of.

Comment by rpreme

[…] sat Julian’s Celica Supra.  Lance did a write up of it a while back, check it out here.  This is also where my HDR phase kicked in again […]

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