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January 15, 2010, 1:06 pm
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We’re at war with the big car companies and the government. They’re trying to change our way of life with hybrid cars, safety features and “luxuries” that they say we need. I DON’T NEED 8 AIRBAGS AND SPLIT ZONE CLIMATE CONTROLS! Give me a loud, exhaust fume filled interior that rattles the filling from my teeth. No power steering? No problem. Missing radio? Even better. I’d much rather listen to the soul of my Z than Taylor Swift or Lil’ Wayne or whatever other garbage is taking up space in our airwaves.

With most car companies concerned more with the bottom line than what the enthusiast wants, the future is looking bleak for to-be classics. Take for example, the CR-Z. Whisperings of Honda bringing back a CR-X successor definitely got some people riled up. Even more so when it was announced it would be a hybrid featuring a 6-speed manual transmission. Then the specs came out. Dismal horsepower and torque figures with a bloated weight for what should be a small car. The kicker was the MPG figures weren’t that great either, with Jalopnik reporting mid 30 mpg’s! I just hope Toyota doesn’t mess things up with their new cars. Luckily the FT-86 shots and info coming in from the Tokyo Auto Salon looks promising.

So who do we call on to save us from our situation and fight the war with safety restrictions and sales goals?   The A-Team?  Why, the Army detailed Mango from the Kyusha Kai New Years Meet of course!  You asked for it, so I pulled more pictures from my cousins Flickr for you!  No words, just good photos of an awesome car.

Catch my cousin’s take on the meet


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That Corolla is pretty cool. I like the whole Army’ish theme going.

+1 on give me a loud exhaust, no power steering and no radio. Just the power at my feet and exhaust noise at my years.

Comment by N/Aontherun

Finally. My Favorite Mango in history.

Comment by enoezam

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