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Massive Sadface
January 14, 2010, 3:40 am
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Behind someone’s house, sits a Fairlady on concrete blocks.  Countless S30 Z’s were sold in the late 60’s and throughout 70’s, but this one is a little different.  A little older than most…

That’s right.  If that VIN stamp is real, then this is the SECOND production S30Z ever built! I wonder how much money this thing would be worth?  If it were mine, I’d probably restore it to stock specifications using all OEM parts, then sell it for mega-bucks.  Then use the money to build the gnarliest S30’s ever known to man!  It’s cool to have a low VIN number, but I’d rather chop up one with less prestige and worth…  I just can’t not modify anything!  My MR2 was bought used with mods, then I immediately started adding parts.  My ZX-6R was bought new and while I was filling out the paperwork, I added a rear solo seat cover and flushmount blinkers to the bill at the same time.

My Z has a VIN tag of HLS30-127312.  To break it down, the “H” means it comes with the L24 and the “L” means it is left hand drive. S30 is obviously the chassis code and the numbers afterwards means it’s the 127,312th production Z built.  It’s not a numbers matching concourse car.  Swapped L28 and 5 speed transmission has already been added, the interior has been stripped of sound deadening and most carpets, the interior bastardized and a roll cage added.  I love it to death as she sits.  And I can’t wait to molest it even more.


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WOW! That brings tears to my eyes. How can someone be THIS inconsiderate. I think this is actually the 1st production because I read somewhere that Nissan scraps the first production car stamped 001. Either way this is sad

Comment by N/Aontherun

That’s a shame. At least try and sell it to someone who would live it. Like me or Kyusha. Dunno if NA On the run wants an S3OZ?

Comment by enoezam

lol I’d love to get a S30. RB30DE, ITB’s, No turbo, ported and polished head, maybe some custom cams, and the exterior to look just as SIK as Yuta’s.

Great now I gotta go find new pants.

Back on topic. Yea that guy should just give her to Kyushakai.

Comment by N/Aontherun you know where this one is located??

Comment by Freddy

No idea. I found the pictures on HybridZ… Some guy was claiming he found it at someone’s house took the VIN tag. Everyone told him he was full of crap.

Comment by kyushakai

I thought #06 was the first to be released to the public? It is sad to see it in such a pathetic, forlorn state. I hope SOMEONE has the means and authority to bring it back.

Comment by Jesse

I’m not too sure what number car was the first sold, so I just wrote that it’s the second production car built. But i agree with you, hopefully someone has the means to save such a historical car.

Comment by kyushakai

Both those Zs are right hand drive so my guess is that the orange Z is a Fairlady Z and likely in Japan and it is possibly the 2nd “Fairlady” JDM Z produced. I believe the first USA spec 240Z was serial # 2 or # 3 and it went to Bob Sharp Racing to use as the first 1970 240Z race car since a model had sat on the roof and damaged it during a photo shoot. The orange Fairlady Z in the image can be completely restored and is definitely worth restoring if it still is in that condition.

Comment by Ben P

Thanks for the lesson! I remember reading about who got the first US spec Z’s many moons ago, but my memory is terrible…

Comment by kyushakai

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