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Kyusha Kai New Years Meet Pt. 1
January 12, 2010, 2:03 am
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Sorry for lagging on the coverage, but I proudly present to you…  Kyusha Kai’s New Year’s Meet.  Unfortunately, threatening clouds ruined the possibility of a cruise, but surprisingly most people stayed to hang out.

When I arrived…  Late.  To my own party.  My coworker got hurt so I had to cover his shift.  I learned that beer not only makes women hotter and more prone to making mistakes (like talking to me), but it also works well to bribe other coworkers into coming in early so I could dig out and head down to the meet up!

A pair of lovely Datsun 510 wagons chillin’ with a Corolla wagon.

Love this car.  Celica GTV imported from Japan, fitted with all the right bits.  Watanabe’s, Tom’s steering wheel, OEM “artillery shell” fender mirrors…  PERFECT!

So jealous of his wheels.  Deep dish Hayashi Streets, which is one of my new favorite wheels.  Possibly even topping a set of Watanabe’s.  These 13 inch examples were flawless, but a little too small for my Datsun.

This truck reminds me of my friend and wheel fitment mentor Ralph’s truck.  He left his killer Toyota Cressida at home to save his tricks for HellaFlush4. Don’t bother asking what he’s planning on running though… He won’t even tell me! All I know is that he sold his old Diamond Racing Wheels…

Battle ready Corolla.  One of the many beautiful specimens that graced us at the meet.

In fact, if the Corolla crew didn’t show up there wouldn’t have been much of a meet at all!  Mangos as far as the eye could see.

“They see me rollin’, they hatin'” Luckily, HPD didn’t catch this Mango owner riding dirty.  Check out that safety check sticker!  It expired in ’01!

Ready for the rain.  I spotted a massive umbrella from across the lot and I just HAD to grab a picture of it.

Kyusha Kai’s the imaginary trophy for “Best In Show” to this Toyota Corona.  I seriously didn’t think I’d ever see one in Hawaii…

Slammed on stock wheels…  This car had so much character.

I love little add ons and options, which this battered Corona sported proudly.

Heading home from the meet.  Hydroplaning everywhere and having trouble seeing 20 feet in front of the car, yet my cousin was crazy enough to hang his body out the window to grab some fantastic shots.

HUGE mahalos to everyone that made this a great turnout despite the rain, my cousin, Reese, for taking great pictures and letting me borrow his camera and finally my cousin Ren and friend Kirk for being my umbrella holder when I was taking photos.

More coverage at SpeedHawaii


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My eyes are watering. Awesome cars in every pic. I may haveta move to Hawaii now. Damn that’s an old Rona, an all the Mango’s, an of course your Z. I need to see them up close. Damn good job.

Comment by enoezam

Sweet pics, I love the shovelnose ‘Rona. I haven’t seen a nice one done like that before.

Comment by Phil

[…] RT40 January 13, 2010 at 1:15 pm | In Cars | Leave a Comment Tags: Corona, RT40, Toyota Ooh, I love this Corona. I think it’s one of the few old school Japanese cars that can do the patina + roofrack style. As seen on Kyusha Kai. […]

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what an awesome meet! love the matte green rolla

Comment by anth

Damn, that was fast!
Cool captions. Much better than I’ll ever do! haha

Comment by eseer

[…] that my write up is completely different from that on SpeedHawaii (1 & 2), Motormavens, and Kyusha Kai’s Blog; meaning that each cover of the event has different captions as well as […]

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I agree with anth the matte green corolla is too nice.

Comment by DaveT

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