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What To Do With 11ty Billion Dollars
January 5, 2010, 3:44 am
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Be like HybridZ member, Blakt Out, and make everybody in the world jealous.

Step 1.  Find a stock 240Z and park it in the driveway of your house in your gorgeous neighborhood.

Step 2.  Tear it down completely to the bare metal, inside and out.

Step 3.  Add awesome suspension and brakes.  I think this is the Arizona Z Car complete billet suspension before they came out with the billet control arms and Wilwood 6 pot (piston!  I’ve been watching too much Top Gear!) brakes.  Blakt Out actually bought two sets of control arms from two different companies just to compare the differences in person so he could choose the best set.

Step 4.  Get everything in your engine bay coated in diamond finish before polishing them with the tears of a bald eagle.  Okay, I may have exaggerated a tiny bit.  It’s silver ceramic coating.

Step 5.  Attach diamond and bald eagle coated parts to an SR20 and set it as close to the firewall as physically possible.

Step 6.  Spend enough money to feed a small country on AN fittings and use nothing but the best everywhere.  THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS, PEOPLE!

Then just take a step back and admire the hard work and amazing fabrication.  I would guess only the owner and the shop knows the amount of man hours, blood, sweat and (eagle) tears that were put into this piece of art.

As she sits now, 98% done.  Just the final touches before she destroys all living things in her path.

Follow the build.

National Speed, Inc. The masterminds behind the build


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3rd pic from the end (AN fittings on the catch can): I have that swaybar!!!!!

Comment by Dano

Take these images away. The 3rd and 5th pic nearly put me in a coma. Damn it Kyusha your a dangerous z lovin man.

Comment by enoezam

This is exactly what I would do with 11ty billion dollars. I’m sort of uncomfortably stimulated by these pics.

Comment by xonix_digital

[…] Originally saw this before it was finished at the excellent Kyushakai. […]

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