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Don’t Forget Us Little Guys!
January 2, 2010, 4:07 am
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While everyone is drooling over Volk and Work 19 and 20 x 12 inch wide wheels with a crazy -30 offset, Volk wheels has remembered the vintage car owner.  Virtually every new car has a 5 x 114.3 bolt pattern, but Volk has decided to buck the trend by offering a new take on the neo-classic TE37.

Named the TE37V, Volk wheels is coming out with the iconic, TE37, 6 spoke design, but only in 15 inch wheel with a 4 x 114.3 pattern with a low offset and stepped lip design…  Perfect for the upcoming rage of the old school movement.

It’s the perfect time to join the Kyusha Kai Army!

View available offset and pricing


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AWESOME!! Vintage and classic all at the smame time…

Comment by Freddy

I suck at the conversions between the Yen & USD…How much would it be to get the 15×8 1/2J -5??

Comment by Freddy

According to google’s exchange rate, it’s about $600 per wheel. I think I’m gonna wait for people to purchase them and get tired of um so I can pick them up second hand. Hahaha.

The bronze and polished one looks so good!

Comment by kyushakai

15×8 0 offset & 15×9 0 offset.

Comment by enoezam

5 x 114.3 is a bolt pattern, not an offset.

Comment by richATTK

HAHA! Thanks for the correction, I was pretty drunk when I wrote that blog. I really shouldn’t go on my computer when I drink, I left my friends some pretty raunchy comments on facebook. LOL!

Comment by kyushakai too…lol

Comment by Freddy

[…] Images: Rays Wheels, Nori Yaro. Hat tip to SR-FairladyZ, KyushaKai. […]

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