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“That Supra”
December 31, 2009, 12:23 am
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You know which one.  Mahalo’s to Emission for hooking me up with the build thread link on Supramania.  I went through the 19 pages to grab the best pictures and a bit of info on the car, built by a Canadian who guys by the name of garagefujimoto.  Canada will now be the home of hockey, maple syrup, weird “bacon” and this wild JZA70.

Test fit shot.  The flares are made for an S30Z, although the rears have a little too much poke for my liking.  In my opinion, if he used a set of BAMF (Bad Ass Mother F**ker) flares from the Z it would be perfect, as they are an inch or two wider…  Remember, these Meisters are 18 x 12 -28 in the rear!

Fronts look awesome.  Perfectly flush.  18 x 12 -18.

13″ Wilwood brakes with braided lines, adjustable upper arms, thick swaybars with BIC endlinks, GP Sports tie rod kit, KTS Pro coilovers with a modified strut housing, KTS Pro pillowball uppermounts, 18k Swift springs, JIC under engine control arm brace and of course, chopped fenders with the liner gutted.

Caged, Bride seats, Takata Harnesses, Nardi steering wheel and what looks like some Defi gauges.  Looks like it’s straight from Japan.  I’m LOVING the houndstooth accents around the interior!

The heart of the beast.  1.5JZ (1JZ head mated to a 2JZ block).  Nothing much to say here as the owner didn’t really put much info up.  Anyone have any specs on the motor?

Follow the build on SupraMania. I pulled all the good info and pictures though, so it’s mostly 19 pages of people saying “ZOMG, THIS IS SICK!”.

The post that blew the JZA70 up to nearly Yuta’s 240z status!


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I’ve been thinking on how a set of Z fenders would look on my Legacy, but my biggest question is… are these fiberglass or plastic or ploy urathane?

I’d love to find a set of these in poly urathane. easy to flex and shape to my likeing.

Comment by N/Aontherun

They are fibreglass but with some care, you can flex them and etc by riveting them one rivet at a time and then convincing them to fit your car!

Comment by Evan

Wondering if I’ll finish my car before Evan. lol
Get on it bro!

Comment by emission

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