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Maybe For Christmas 2010?
December 31, 2009, 6:31 am
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What better to compliment those gorgeous Recaro seats that I wanted for Christmas, than a matching interior?  I guess I don’t have the backseats to restitch like this 510 sedan, but some matching door panels would be nice.  I’ve spent the night searching for someone who carries the vintage Recaro fabric, but it’s tough to find.  Anyone got any leads?

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Check that out. Scroll down a bit. Supposably that material is back in production, and can be gotten through Recaro.

Comment by enoezam
Keep goin down until the 4th pic of those seats. Atomicalex says I quote. “Recaro Harrier inserts in Trophys. I can get that material, but it’s pricey! Comes in orange, grey, and blue. I like the blue best.”

Comment by enoezam

oh sweet, thanks! i’m gonna look into that.

Comment by kyushakai

That’s such a sick ass color scheme.

Comment by DaveT

Superb interior

Comment by Seen in Japan

I remember that interior. Odd thing was my 510 beat his for “best interior” at that Mt.Shasta Meet. I was pretty surprised!

Pretty cool interior tho, wish it was more of a black to grey tone… if they made that color?

That interior would look a lot better in a similar colored car than that guy’s red.. maybe a nice orange car..

Comment by Rich

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