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Conspiracy Theories
December 28, 2009, 4:33 pm
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While doing the usual rounds on the Japanese Nostalgic Car forum, there was a thread about the how the ultra rare and uber sexy Fairlady Z432 got her name.  While it is commonly agreed on that 432 references the S20 motor’s 4 valves, 3 carburetors and 2 cams, someone was saying that 432 may have been the room number in Nissan’s headquarters where they designed the car.  Seems a little farfetched to me.  What I found interesting was that the car was ALMOST named the Fairlady 160Z.  Again, there are debates as to where the name comes from…  Most people say that it’s from the power rating of 160ps that the S20 puts down.  The idea that I like is that it stands for 1 car, 6 designers and 0 compromises.  So romantic.

In the end, the name 160Z was scrapped in favor of Z432 because it obviously sounds like you’re getting a lot more for your money.  Interesting stuff.


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I don’t care. Give me a 69′ Fairlady Z with a S20, and I will rev, slide, and play with it everyday. The way it was meant to be driven.

Comment by enoezam

You should have included a link to the thread! It’s a funny old one, glad you liked my take on what it could possibly have stood for though it was just a little joke, nothing serious meant. Also, side note but.. Is it just me or are there a million blogs all over the place that you only find when you check the comments on someone elses? Hah, nice little setup you have here, clean look. I’ll try remember to keep checking on it along with all the rest!

Comment by kyteler

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