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December 27, 2009, 12:50 am
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I forgot all about my old Flickr account!  The picture quality is so much better than Photobucket, and there’s still all my random stuff uploaded to it.

The last Old School Meet I had, prior to starting Kyusha Kai. The Hachi crew rolls together and they roll HARD. I don’t know what happened to the detail shots I got of them, but I’ll be sure to get some at the upcoming Kyusha Kai Meet x Potluck x Cruise. Old school Toyota heads are insane when it comes to attention to detail.

I LOVE this picture. I think it embodies what Kyusha Kai is all about. It’s one of the pictures that helped me to come up with the motto… Which will be revealed soon.

Awesome Supra. The owner, Julian, runs into the same problems as me. Whenever people see the car, they expect an old Filipino or Japanese dude driving it. Instead there’s a punk kid driving around. I’m gonna change that soon enough with my new set up…

Brothers. Dan’s 260z and my 240z.

His is auto-crossed and mines is a street prowler.

The view of Diamond Head from Oahu’s unofficial racetrack/greatest touge.

The Old Man’s Mustang. I love this thing. There’s nothing like a vintage V8 rumble.

All original. Super pimp white interior. Just wish it was a manual transmission though. The project Mustang that’s been sitting forever is going to go in the opposite direction. Hot rod engine, manual trans, crazy stance, the whole nine yards… Damn you economy for slowing us down!

The view from my apartment’s Garden Deck. I love BBQ’ing up here. There’s no place like downtown Honolulu.

Ribs dripping in BBQ sauce ready to go on the grill, cheap beer and…

… Tako (octopus) and wasabi spicy ahi (tuna) poke. Poke is basically raw seafood mixed with different sauces, onions, ogo (seaweed) and whatever else. I never used to like raw fish until just a couple of years ago, but now I can’t get enough of it. I still don’t touch tako or squid though.

Oh and the Ono Hawaiian Seasoning is the greatest thing ever. Toss it on a steak and you won’t need any kind of extra seasoning or sauce. Come over and I’ll show you how good it is.

Much Mahalo’s to Antonio Alvendia for adding me to the Motor Mavens blogroll

Also, more Mahalo’s to Anth from Build Thread for posting the ANIMAL 2JZ S30Z build!


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That 4th pic is nice. Shows a little of the Fairlady’s beautiful nose.

Comment by enoezam

Love that first shot of the hachis. And still love all the pix you ever post of your 240!!!

Comment by monkeymagic86

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