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December 27, 2009, 6:08 pm
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More pictures from my Flickr account.  Still the same Old School Meet.  I’m SOOOOO STOKED for the upcoming Kyusha Kai meet!  Come on down guys!  January 10th!  It’s not too late to buy plane tickets!

A pair of AW11 MR2’s.  Jason, the owner of the red one is wearing gray in the background.  I believe he said he’s been through about 7 or 8 AW11’s.  That is some true dedication to Toyota’s “poor man Ferrari”.

My cousin’s Gumball 3000 shirt.  I want one so bad.  I’ve been watching Gumball 3000 since Tekademics used to make their videos back in the day.  Now that I look back on those videos…  They were pretty crappy.  Haha.  My how times and tastes change.

Clean Hachi.  Levin front end and Work Equip 03’s.  I forgot what he’s running under the hood.  If I’m not mistaken, it’s a 3TC with dual Mikunis.  Hachi guys are always on top of the game!

Bronson’s coupe running some crazy Centerlines.  One night, I threw a party and some guy got super wasted and passed out on my floor.  Couple of weeks later, I meet him again running this coupe to the meet.  Hawaii’s such a small place.

All stock 510 sedan.  As much as I love modding cars, I’d have a hard time chopping this one up.  I probably still would though.

GOON SQUAD!  I wish I could have the honor of joining such a prestigious group.

1JZ powered Supra as seen on my old Craigslist post. BEAST!


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Goon squad, aw11 MR2’s looks like heaven. Hurry an paint your rim faces orange. That would look crazy.

Comment by enoezam

haha no way i could pull it off nicely. it’d look super ricey i think.

Comment by kyushakai

Maybe. Unless you slammed it.

Comment by enoezam

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