Kyusha Kai

December 23, 2009, 3:43 am
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Compared to this beast!  I found this scan somewhere of a Nissan Stagea wagon built to the hilt and done right!  Obviously, the first thing that grabs you is the Hakosuka front end.  The flares, front lip, fender mirrors and intercooler sticking out reminiscent of an external oil cooler…  SOOOO PERFECT!  It’s amazing how well the boxy front end of the Hako melts into the boxy profile of the Stagea’s rear and.  In my opinion, it would have looked better if they welded and smoothed in metal over the old Stagea taillights before putting on the Hako lights, but who am I to judge?  I have a hard enough time finding the jacking points on my car!

What’s a better motor to power the Stagesuka wagon?  Well…  An S20.  But I highly doubt the 160ps S20 would be able to power this nearly 2 ton land yacht.  Instead, the tuner chose the next best thing…  The legendary RB26.  It looks like it’s mildly modded, but we all know what it’s capable of.

Please, please, please!  SOMEBODY!  ANYBODY!  Christmas is around the corner!  Track down this car and ship it to Hawaii for me!  Or at least find me some better pictures of it!


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I looked for about an hour today on google japan. All I could find is this…

Comment by enoezam

thanks buddy! good lookin’ out!

Comment by kyushakai

This is toooo cool!!

Comment by Freddy

Wow! That is pure awesomeness right there!
I may have to agree with you on this one, it just may have a chance of being way cooler than an rs6 avant.

Comment by eseer

Hey check out The Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. This thing was there.

Comment by enoezam

yeah i saw it! this wagon really blew up lately!

Comment by kyushakai

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