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Mid Night Club
December 17, 2009, 5:45 am
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True Wangan killers.  In 1985, a club was formed that gave street racing in Japan a whole new meaning.  These brave (or crazy) men tore up the Bayshore Route from Tokyo to Yokohama for nearly 15 years hitting ridiculous speeds until one night a group of Bosozoku bikers challenged them.  On that fateful night, an accident occurred leaving 6 bikers injured and 1 killed.  What sets the Mid Night Club apart from the countless “teams” in today’s scene is that they had strict rules and guidelines…  One of them being, if anyone were ever killed, the club be immediately disbanded.  Clever rule.

One member pilots one of the most famous S130 Fairlady’s in Japan, if not the world.  With a hopped up motor and aero including one off fenders, this red beauty was able run a top speed of over 300 kilometers per hour!  On an expressway!  With out modern technology!  Mind bottling (like when your mind gets all trapped up, like in a bottle)!

Love those color-matched Panasports.  I wanted to paint my centers orange and the barrels black on my SSR’s but I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off.

Who needs a radio when you can listen to your motor screaming?  Tach counts up to 10k RPM, I wonder what she redlines at?

Sweet CF radio delete holding all the vital electronics.

And what motor propels this rocket to such mind numbing speeds?  A hopped up RB?  Small block V8?  Nope, the good ol’ L28.  I bet the Devil Z looks pretty good from this S130’s rearview mirror!


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Is it boosted?

Comment by enoezam

yessir! more pics here:

it sucks because the Mid Night Club had a ton of rules. One being secrecy to protect their identity from the cops. Because of this, there’s so little information out there. Mostly “he said, she said” kind of stuff.

Comment by kyushakai

Damn. Likin that rocker cover though.

Comment by enoezam

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