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The “Other” Common Snapper Z
December 16, 2009, 8:15 am
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I’m sure EVERYBODY on the web has seen the pearl white S30 with the RB26, R33 GT-R interior and 18″ SSR Professor MS1’s.  Here’s another example from the Japanese tuning house, Common Snapper.

Much like the white Z, this also runs the 18″ MS1’s squeezed under color matched ZG flares.  Even the sport bike looking carbon fiber mirrors are shared.

Exterior wise, the car looks very similar, save for the color and vents cut into the hood…  Hinting at a different beast.

This one runs a SR20 with a V-mount intercooler setup.  I’m not a huge fan of the SR20 in the S30 chassis…  RB’s just seem much more fitting, drawing back to the original L series’ straight six.  It is awesome how far back the SR can be set in the engine bay for a better weight distribution, not to mention the amount of space opens up for the V-mount.  And I LOVE V-mounts!

Another big difference that gets my thumbs up is the interior.  Judging from this picture, this Z retains the sexy dash and a pair of sporty, period correct bucket seats, while the “other” Common Snapper swaps in the interior from a R33 GT-R


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Very clean! The new motor and wheels really modernize this old school classic.

Comment by RollingRepublic

SR20 and 18’s are really just for S13,s14,s15 chassis cars. An awesome Z. Just not my style.

Comment by enoezam

totally agree. 17’s start pushing it. 15 and 16″s look best.

Comment by kyushakai

Yeah it’s Oregon. An maybe in a few years it’ll be done. I need 2 S30Z’s one with fat lip SSR mesh & a l28 with ITB’s, And one with work equip S1’s an RB with ITB’s.

Comment by enoezam

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