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She’s a Pit… House. She’s Mighty Mighty,
December 16, 2009, 1:28 am
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Just letting it all hang out.  Pit House from Japan is in the classic car sales, restoration and modifying business…  And they’ve built and modded some burly Nissans.  I’ve read somewhere that a lot of classic car restorations in Japan are not as intense as one would expect from the people who obsess over quality.  Any problems that can’t be seen by the normal person is left alone.  Many rust repaired cars are bondo’ed and painted over without welding in fresh metal (I heard Rocky Auto does this alot).  On the other end of the spectrum, Pit House takes no shortcuts.

Hakosuka Build.

I really wish I could find a finished shot of this Hako…  Look at the lip on those Longchamps in the rear!  That’s gotta be Hachi N2 wheel fitment there!

A whole lot awesome, all lined up in a row fronting Pit House.

Killer S30Z and Kenmeri Skyline.  Those boxes on the floor next to the Skyline is a pile of what looked like late 80’s to early 90’s porn VHS covers.  I was gonna post the close up, but I work on this blog a lot at work.  They may obsess over quality, but they sure are weird.


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Hah! Awesome title.. I even sung it instead of reading it.

Comment by kyteler

I started cracking up when I read your comment. My roommate thinks I’m weird now. HAHA.

Comment by kyushakai

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