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Sadly… For Sale.
December 14, 2009, 1:20 am
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Not my beloved Z, but some other things that I have.  Gotta pay off some debt.

Triple Webers with Canon Intake manifold for the L series inline 6.  Bought off of HybridZ from someone who had them sitting on his shelf for a couple of years.  Came off of a running car, but I never had the chance to rebuild and run them.

Set of 16 x 7 +20, 114.3 x 4 SSR Reverse Mesh.  Super rare 16 inch Reverse Meshes in 114.3 x 4.  Flawless polished lip with black faces.  Faces are flaking and will need to be repainted.  Best I have seen other than these in 16’s were +40.  Will come with Bridgestone Potenza RE940’s and an EXTRA PAIR OF BARRELS!  16 x 8 + 20 so you can runstaggered or save them in case anything bad happens.

Set of 15 x 7 +11, 114.3 x 4 SSR Longchamps.  One rim has minor bends and most have curb rash, but all hold air and look decent from a distance. straighten the lip and repair them and they will be a gorgeous set with a decent 2.5-3 inch lip.  I’m keeping the tires though.  Picture is of the worst one.

Alpinestar SM-X motorcycle racing boots.  Rarely used.  Euro size 44, U.S. size 9.5.  I usually wear a size 10-10.5 or so in Nike’s, so these are equivalent to those sizes.

Teknic motorcycle jacket (forgot the model name).  Size 42.  I used this jacket maybe 3 times because it’s a size too big for me.  Equivalent to a size large t-shirt/jacket.

Finally, got my helmet that I’ve had on my shelf for the last couple of years.  Not too sure if anyone would want it, but it’s super cool stuff.  Tagged by some of the greatest modern street artists…  Futura, Stash, Slick, and Sheppard Fairey.

If anyone’s interested, drop me a line and we can work out a price.


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Damn if I was employed. I’d be all over those SSR’s.

Comment by enoezam

how much for the carbs? email me

Comment by JOSHIE88

Don’t SELL the helmet!!! Futura, Stash AND Shep Fairey?! Sick.

Comment by Antonio Alvendia from

HAHA! Yeah, I really don’t think I’m ever going to let that thing go. Every so often, I put something up for sale and everytime I see it next to a price I immediately regret it and tell people it’s no longer available.

Comment by kyushakai

I was just wondering if your ssr pair or possibly a pair of longchamps were still for sale 🙂 hope to hear from you soon, chris stiles on hbz also.

Comment by chris segni def, for all types of jdm pairs please hit me up.

Comment by chris segni

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