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December 10, 2009, 3:28 am
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Lately I’ve been studying up on suspension and am planning on swapping to Ground Control coilovers and and Techno Toy Tuning camber plates.  These are quality, American made pieces, but are much more affordable than the JDM counterparts that I love so much.  Unfortunately, my wallet just doesn’t agree with what my mind wants.  It doesn’t stop me from researching and dreaming though…

Star Road coilovers.

Spirit Garage coilovers.

RS Start x Ohlins coilovers.

My dream set up…  RS Start x Ohlins coilovers and Brembo Brakes ($$$$$$).

The cheapest of the three coilover are the Star Road coilovers coming in at around $2,200, provided you exchange your old struts.  Ground Controls with the T3 camber plates will run me about $1,000.  Is it worth saving the extra $2,000 (I’m figuring $3,000 since I won’t be exchanging my old struts and the associated shipping charges) for the JDM “tyte-ness”?


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Are you showing me my dreams? Or torturing me? I can’t tell. An our cars are US spec Z’s. If I had a jdm Z I’d mos def use all JDM parts, but right now in this economy I’m takin whatever I can get. Still havin all JDM goodness would fell 1000 times better.

Comment by enoezam

i think i’m showing both of our dreams and torturing us both… i want those rs start x ohlins coilovers but i think they’re some ridiculous price. 7 grand or something? i dunno, i have to learn to read japanese.

Comment by kyushakai

$7000 damn a clean 240z doesn’t cost that. An what do jdm gauges look like?

Comment by enoezam

Haha feel, not fell.

Comment by enoezam

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