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Home-brewed Akuma Zetos
December 10, 2009, 9:15 pm
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While a ton of people have talked and dreamt of it, only a very few have tried…  Building a replica of the Devil Z from Wangan Midnight.  Although none of these are near the 3.1 liter L28 with twin turbos fed by triple carburetors, they deserve repect in their own right.

Gorgeous.  Beautiful fabrication work on the manifolds and just a clean setup!  Claimed to be no noticeable lag with this set up.

This here is engineering madness.  A L28 bored out to 3.1 liters.  Then the owner chopped up 3 KA heads and combined them to create a dual cam, 24 valve design.  A home-brewed head that could rival OS Giken’s TC24.  Then of course, two turbochargers were slapped on.  Insane!


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3 KA heads. I was followin that build for awhile. I thought he gave up? If he did I wonder if he’d adopt me.

Comment by enoezam

haha, nope he ended up finishing it up in time for JCCS i believe. he did have a couple problems with snapping the timing chain and stuff like that though.

Comment by kyushakai

Linkage for KA head build?

Comment by Iggy

Sweet! Thanks

Comment by Datnut

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