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JDM Wheels on Cars is SOOOOO 2009
December 8, 2009, 2:58 am
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It’s almost 2010 and you’re still bragging that you’ve managed to fit some -25 offset rims under the fenders of your car? It’s time to step your game up!

Hayashi Streets to hold your garden hose is ballin’.  To have it complete with the center cap is even more ballin’.  Squarin’ maybe?  I have no idea what’s more ballin’ than ballin’.

Hardwood floors and a bowl full of scented candles and pebbles scream “Middle aged woman Feng Shui’ing up the house”.  So how do you “dude” up your pad after your girlfriend ruins it?  How about a set of Volk RE30’s for a coffee table?  It would definitely put me at peace.

Another coffee table this time with another gorgeous wheel from Hayashi Racing.  That lip is ridiculous!!!


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Man that is the most bad ass hose reel I’ve ever seen and or heard of. Makes me wanna buy that single JGTC wheel for sale on rbwheels and make a corner table

Comment by Kirkkeon

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