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Doin’ Work on Some Equip 03’s
December 5, 2009, 3:03 am
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Another look at Star Road’s classy chassis Fairladies.  S30 goodness rockin’ one of the sickest wheel designs coming from Work Wheels.  Equip 03’s just look so good on any old school car and even many newer cars.  What brings these pictures up is my current wheel fiasco.  I’m currently trying to get my hands on ANOTHER set of SSR Longchamps.  This time it’s 15 x 7.5 fronts with a -10 offset and 15 x 8 rears with a -14 offset.  If this deal falls through, I’m looking at a local guy who has a pair of Work Equip 03’s in 15 x 8.5 with -22 offset…  Then I’d just need another pair to match.

The funny thing is, I HIGHLY doubt they would be able to fit under my stock fenders.  I really don’t want to chop the fenders for flares, so I’m kinda hoping if I pick up a set of these deep dishes, I would be able to roll, pull, stretch and camber enough for them to fit under the fenders without the need for flares.

I like the fact that they shot both cars in the same location, just at different times of the day.  I also like their super generic Work Equip tagging.

To quote Phaze 2 and my homie Ralph’s (The Cressida I featured earlier) signature:

“If your wheels tuck, your wheels suck!”


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Needs more old wheels, new Equips don’t look right

Comment by Zeb

I dunno, I really like the look of the blue Z on Equips. I’m not a big fan of the silver Z with the black painted barrels though. The black barrels make the wheels look too modern.

Comment by kyushakai

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