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Mr. Clean Approved L-Series.
December 4, 2009, 1:30 pm
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And lemony fresh too!  Nissan’s overhead cam straight six sings a beautiful song when wrung out at high RPM’s.  Another great thing is that the old Nissan’s and Datsun’s that houses the L-series engine, has a large enough engine bay that allows tuners to drop in just about any engine imaginable.  But this post is dedicated to the L motors and engine bays clean enough to do surgery off of.

Kenmeri (Ken and Mary) Skyline, I believe at the Tokyo Nostalgic Show.  This car is CLEAN!  Fresh paint, welded holes in the engine bay, anodized velocity stacks and matching gloss valve cover.  Other touches include modern projector headlights and a set of GORGEOUS Work wheels.  Also, note the Hayashi Sakura rims on the Kenmeri next door.

Austin Hoke’s old L28et setup before he switched over to the 350z’s VQ35de.  I’m usually not a big fan of fuel injection and forced induction on the L series because of all the extra wiring, hoses and general clutter.  However, Austin pulled it off beautifully.  I think the paint in his engine bay is shinier than 90% of vintage Z owner’s exterior.  Bonus points for the crinkle finish on the valve cover, tubing and intake manifold.  Very well thought out and executed.

Star Road’s Fairlady.  Most everyone knows this car by now.  I had this picture as my wall paper for a quite a while.  Beautiful car with no short cuts taken.  Braided lines everywhere with AN fittings equals big bucks.  Feast your eyes on the chrome just dripping off of everything… Even the hood latch!  By far, my favorite S30z engine bay.  Now if only I could find out more information about the Star Road coilovers!

I also found this bad boy on Flickr…  I like…  The guy’s boots?


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Hey man just wondering if you had other pics of the blue Star Road Fairlady? Other than the ones already on your blog 😛

I’m restoring a 510 and pretty keen on that colour!

If you have any other pics of sweet 510 colours, let me know!


Comment by Sandeep

sorry man, i don’t really have any other star road pictures.

i did find this picture of datsuns in all the colors of the rainbow!

Comment by kyushakai

Awesome thanks anyway man! And cheers for that pic, the candy red looks real nice

Comment by Sandeep

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