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I Want to go to JAPAN!!!
November 30, 2009, 9:07 pm
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Japan.  Land of Godzilla, giant mechanical robots, sushi, uber-cute girls, fashion and technology.  Oh yeah!  There’s also those four wheeled things making “Vroom” sounds that I love so much.  Everytime I see somebody’s pictures of their travels to Japan, it makes me kick myself for putting off my maiden voyage to my Homeland for so long.  Whether it’s soaking in the heritage and culture, a visit to one of their crazy sushi or steak houses, the streets of Tokyo, the arts or the lifestyle.  I.  AM.  JEALOUS.

One thing that I absolutely have to see when I’m finally able to make it up there is a car show.  Be it Tokyo Auto Salon, the New Year Meeting or the Tokyo Nostalgic Show.  Any one of them.  I don’t care.  The cars, the culture and…  The swap meets!  Just looking at pictures from Nori-Yaro, Japanese Nostalgic Car and Auto-Otaku makes me want to tap my shiny red high heels and repeat to myself that there’s “No place like Tokyo”.

I could seriously spend all day looking through the swap meets at parts I can’t afford.  Even if it’s for a car that I don’t have.  Not to mention all the retail spots that I want to visit before I die.  Rocky Auto.  Top Secret.  Up Garage.  Super Autobacs.  Toyota Megaweb.  And somehow scamming my way into the Nissan Zama warehouse.  Somebody needs to spot me some cash so I can take my dream vacation.  If anyone wants to mail me money (I take paypal also!), let me know!

I’ve always wanted to put together a swap meet, but I don’t think there are enough people willing to part with their prized possessions, for a swap meet price.  However, every so often a great deal comes up locally.  My friend Brice terrorizes the island in a TE72 Corolla that he’s building up and the lucky bastard found a steal on a local forum…  Three Hayashi Streets in 15 x 7 +15 offset for a mind-boggling $20.

Cleaned up pretty damn nice.  Can’t wait to see them on the car.


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True..I’d like to visit Japan too..

Comment by merlinflower

When you go bring me back a decent jdm S30 shell. I’ll trade you my first born son. (when I have one)

Comment by enoezam

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