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November 25, 2009, 12:43 pm
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It took a long time for the 370z’s headlights and taillights to grow on me but eventually, it did.  I still don’t like the front bumper design (with the “fangs”), but the Nismo front bumper sold me on the overall design.  Who can say no to those bulging fenders, the nostalgic 240z styled C pillar and the F1-esque rear fog light (JDM version)?

Bespoke Ventures just received pictures of the new Amuse body kit for the 370z and all I have to say is WOW.  Sure it’s expensive as hell (nearly $6,000 for the full kit), but Amuse is one of THE premier companies as far as styling, quality and performance.  The only other brand in my opinion that could even hold a candle to Amuse, as far as styling, would be Voltex.

I don’t really want to post the pictures because I’m sure every blog across the interwebz will be featuring the car and it’s not really Kyusha material but screw it.  Enjoy yourself!

I’ve been telling my friend since I saw a 370z with my own eyes that I wanted one.  The interior is absolutely brilliant and I love the lines.  I would paint it the same Competition Orange as my Datsun, slam it on some Zeals or Ohlins coilovers, then take care of the wheels.  Instead of going the 18 or 19 inch Volk route like everyone else, I would run some 15 x 11 -38 (F) 15 x 12 -51 (R) Watanabe R Types with some bolt on ZG styled flares.  OOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHHH!


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