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Midship Runabout Two Seater
November 23, 2009, 8:54 am
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Ahhhh MR2’s.  I love them.  My first car was a 1991 MR2 Turbo with a Border front bumper, drop springs, Turbo XS blow off valve, Apex’i N1 exhaust and intake.  I quickly stockpiled parts to build the beast, starting from the exterior, since it’s a HUGE pain in the ass to do engine work (dropping the engine just to do minor work was NOT on my list of priorities).  Besides, for someone who spent his adolescent life driving a stock 1999 Corolla, 200 hp in a midship, RWD layout was already a handful.

Loads of carbon fiber parts…  Hood, trunk, engine lid cover, inspection lid covers, ’94+ wing, windshield garnish and T-Tops (windshield garnish and T-Tops were both 1 of 50 sets made).  Stock bumper with a ’93+ lip (MUCH cleaner than the Border bumper).  JDM Integra Type R Recaros.  Eibach springs and Koni shocks.  17 x 7 (F), 17 x 8 (R) bronze Gram Lights 57F’s with Kumho Ecsta tires.  Apex’i turbo timer.  TRD short shift kit.  ’94+ taillights.  Top Fuel boost, water temperature and oil pressure gauges.

Then one night someone smashes my window and steals the majority of my parts AND my tools.  I was about a week away from buying a built 450+ hp longblock too.  I picked up a Bride Zeta Low Max seat to make it drivable, but I felt like she had been raped and had become a scarlet woman.  She just wasn’t the same anymore so I sold her at a huge loss.  Too add insult to injury, the guy I sold the MR2 to, parted out the remaining aftermarket goods and sold her for $1500 more than I sold it to him for.  I really wanted it to go to someone who would fix her up.

The MR2 after the Gram Lights but without any of the CF parts:

Mmmm…  G’Reddy Gracer lip kit and Advan RG2’s…  What she could have been.

Just to keep it old school…  Group B Rally MK1 MR2.

And as an added bonus…  Check out this dudes lame attempts of passing off some rims as TE37’s.  Sweet Volk and Ray’s Engineering stickers bro!.


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Your first was a Turbo MR2. Mine was a 1991 Supra turbo. Then a Nova with a 350. Somehow my first cars seem so much more valauble than anything else.

Comment by enoezam

Thanks. I didn’t wanna let it go, but no job you know I gotta pay bills.

Comment by enoezam

there Genuine Rays SS7 and they come in white. Ignorance is bliss huh when making comments 😦 fail

Comment by bobsmith

I’m not a hardcore wheel expert or anything, but from looking at pictures of real SS7’s, I’m assuming the 7 in SS7 stands for 7 spoke. I only count 6 spokes on this MR2.

Comment by kyushakai

You just made my night.


Comment by bkh808

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