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November 8, 2009, 3:16 pm
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THIS NEEDS TO STOP!  SERIOUSLY!  These assholes are killing the industry that I love with my heart and soul!  I’m sure we’re all familiar with companies like Rota and Seibon ripping off designs and undercutting the real companies with shitty parts that will disintegrate when you look at them wrong.  People say they don’t want to drop the big bucks for a part that has quality and the proper R&D, when they can get a made in China/Taiwan/Vietnam product for a fourth of the cost…  WELL SCREW YOU.

Just a little bit of Craigslist and forum searches bring up QUALITY used wheels for CHEAP.  19″ AME wheels for $1000.  18″ SSR GT3’s for $800, 18″ SSR III Agle Strusse for $900, 14″ Advan A3A wheels for $500, 15″ Weds Sport SA-90 for $850, etc.  Most of them coming with tires.  And guess what?  You can probably low ball these guys too!  Hell, I bought my first set of SSR Longchamps with brand new tires for $500.

One argument I heard was that if you purchase used then you’re not helping out the manufacturer anyway…  Guess what?  The guys you would buy the QUALITY parts from?  I’ll be willing to bet my rims that the majority of them won’t downgrade to Rotas anytime soon.  So they’ll buy another set of Volks/SSR’s/AME’s/Works.  EVERYBODY WINS.  I have noticed that it’s especially bad for the owners vintage Japanese cars.  I know it’s hard to justify spending more on a set of wheels than the car itself, but come on!  When going for a period correct look, Watanabe, Hayashi, Panasport and SSR still make their old wheel designs.  I know you can save a couple of more paychecks up and be happy with real wheels rather than buying crap.  Do you really think people can’t notice the difference between Watanabe’s and Rota/Sportmaxx?  Well, I guess the majority can’t.  BUT I CAN!  AND I’M THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS!

Oh and another thing that get’s on my nerves…  When people buy a quality item, then stick some crappy knock-off on it.  STi owners replacing their BBS’ with Rotas.  Or people who purchase a set of $4,000 Volk rim then running Nanking or Federal tires.



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i can tell too. haha, i have to slightly disagree with the tire rant. Even tho being a fan of advan and mashimoto zx tires, i would give the guy a break for slapping on nankangs or federals “if” he were to use them for smokin’ em or drifting purposes, in which the tire will need to be changed soon after.

Comment by Kirkkeon

LAWLZ! Mashimoto ZX tires FTW! I was reading someone’s rant about how Falken and the big tire companies spend all kinds of money on advertising at drift events, then everyone goes out to buy cheap nankings/federals to drift on.

Comment by kyushakai

im from england and i couldnt agree more.a debate on a civic forum asking “are rota jdm” and according to the masses because they copy jdm looks they are technicly jdm.this boils my piss,im glad iv come accross someone with the same views as me.rant over,thank you

Comment by chris

Just like Porsche has to sell Boxters and Cayennes to finance R&D on their real cars, I would argue that the big name authentic rims companies should offer a budget alternative line. As the inverse of what you said, people who buy real rims will never step down to rotas, likewise people who buy rotas will never step up to real rims.

Price being one factor, the place I live has thieves stealing right from dealership parking lots. Theft is probably a bigger reason than money for me not to step up to authentic wheels.

Comment by ElChinox

A budget line would be a great idea and I know some companies are doing something similar. Not too sure if it’s still the same, but Rays has Gram Lights which are high quality cast rims (this is my knowledge from ages ago… not too sure if Gram Lights makes anything forged now), SSR has their Semi-Solid Forged construction which is supposed to put their price in between a cast and forged rim.

Good points sir!

Comment by kyushakai

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