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OS Giken Head
November 7, 2009, 4:32 am
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The TC24 head was for the Nissan L24 engine and was a bolt on dual overhead cam design versus the stock SOHC.   A negative imprint of these bad boys (along with the four cylinder head for the 510/bluebird siblings), were carved out of CHERRY WOOD, then filled with casting sand before molten metal gets poured in.  Rumors says OS Giken sank 20 Million yen into this project BACK IN 1976!  These heads sold for $12,000 back then, so you could imagine how rare those suckers are.

Why do I bring this up? featured OS Giken’s SEMA booth on their blog and apparently, they pulled the TC24 off of someone’s Fairlady in Japan to show off.  If enough interest is shown, they MIGHT produce 10 or so more heads…  At a cool $30,000 a piece.  I need a better paying job.


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I have been dreaming of that head for about a year. I’d kidnap Obama’s daughters to get that head.

Comment by enoezam

TC-16 It’s so hard to find info on the web about it. I certainly hope it’s not as much as 30,000 US Dollars though.

Comment by Drive510

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