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Just a Little Background on my Car and I
November 5, 2009, 1:23 pm
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My name’s Lance and I currently work in Honolulu’s hospitality business at a hotel.  I just turned 23 in October and between my car, my bike (’06 Kawasaki ZX6R), my current want for a Honda Ruckus and working for the hotel and SpeedHawaii, I don’t have much free time left over.  What precious time I have left is spent partying hard with the best people Hawaii and the world have to offer.


My coworker had bought a ’73 240z off of his friend about 4 years ago and it sat in his garage for the majority of the time…  Less than 1,000 miles between the change of title…  His friend is the one that did all the work…  Body off chassis paintjob ($9,000+!  And this was 15+ years ago!).  SCCA spec roll cage.  L28 with round top carbs.  I haven’t had the chance to crack the motor open so I’m not too sure of what was done internally.  SSR Formula Mesh wheels in impossibly rare 16 x 7 + 20 offset.  In the last year and a half that I’ve owned this car I have only seen one other set of 16 inch Formula Meshes for sale, but in a weak +35 offset.  I swear, everytime I work on this car, I’m amazed at how much thought and effort was put into this machine.  Stainless bolts EVERYWHERE.  And it’s always: bolt, washer, miscellaneous part, then another washer.  For EVERY damn part!  Super comfy old school Recaro seats.  This thing is so badass.

So where do I stand now?  Maintaining it.  Upgrading when I find the time and money to do so.  Up to this point the biggest thing I have done is an alternator swap to the higher output 280zx alternator and a new belt.  Fresh battery.  Polished the valve cover.  Fixed miscellaneous leaks and whatnot.

What’s on the list of things to do?  I’m currently planning the HellaFlush x SpeedHawaii show and I want a trophy dammit!  Haha!  Or at least a HellaFlush approved sticker.  15 x 7 -1 front and 15 x 8 -2 offset SSR Longchamps are sitting in my apartment, waiting to be fixed and cleaned.  I have Sam Flores’ blessings to use his art as a mural for the car (in a secret location!).  Gotta get a new drill so I can Powerball the crap out of my SU’s and polish the engine bay.  If money (and back orders) work in my favor, Cusco front and rear strut tower bars.  I’m absolutely in love with Yuta’s stance (THAT Shakotan 240z), but flares and cutting of suspension parts/sheet metal…  I just don’t think I have the heart to do it.  My car survived almost 40 years with nothing but just the smallest dings.

After the show, I’ll probably turn my attention to making my Z a badass streetcar.  I really want an RB25 in it.  Straight six, just like the original Z but with a turbo and more torque!?!  YES PLEASE!  300-350hp in a car as light as the Z would be phenomenal.  But another part of me is saying to stick with the L-series.  A bored out L28 to 3.1 liters, NA could produce 300 hp with money and work (probably the same amount as an RB swap), and sound AMAZING while doing it.  I already have the triple Weber carbs sitting on my dining room table and a spare block sitting around…

Good night world.


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Nice S30Z. The last owner of my Z was good at half doin things. Glad you have a loved Z.

Comment by Enoe

No rust at all. It took me 3 years, but I finally found a solid Z. Oregon eats our classics.

Comment by enoezam

Chief Lance, sick blog you got homie…. and i must say your car is off the chains… to an old school head like me, your car is like GOLD. keep up the good work bro

Comment by Sean Peazy

Hi there, following your blog for a few weeks now and it amazes me. Would like to add it to my blogroll if you agree?

Comment by monkeymagic86

go for it man! i just added you to my blogroll. you have some awesome cars!

Comment by kyushakai

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