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November 5, 2009, 12:32 am
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… Makes things perfect.  Picked a pair of these bad boys up from my homie Ralph a couple of weeks ago.  Now that my birthday and Halloween is over and pau, I’ll have some money to ship them off to California for a little bit of work.  Once I get my wheel situation in concrete, I can sell off what I’m not using, free up some cash and gain some of my precious living space back.  Two and a half sets of rims in a tiny one bedroom apartment takes up a LOT of space.  Then all I’d have to worry about is the 12 boxes of car parts.

SSR Longchamps 15 x 8 -2 Offset.


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What the heck happened to those wheels??!!!

Comment by Otaku

A friend’s cousin drifted into the dividing barrier at Hawaii Raceway Park. Totaled his Hachi and bent this wheel up pretty nicely. Amazingly, there’s shops in California saying they can fix it up for fairly cheap!

Comment by kyushakai

It’d be pretty amazing If they can repair that much damage. Longchamps are sweet though… If you know anyone interested in Formula Meshes – let me know 🙂 Good luck on the fix!

Comment by Otaku

What happened to these?

Comment by enoezam

Sorry I mean are you still workin on these?

Comment by enoezam

i ended up finding another, deeper set. after i get some extra money, i’ll probably work on fixing these up.

Comment by kyushakai

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