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May 29, 2012, 5:54 pm
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Been spending a ton of money on parts and working on the wagon. Nothing that really deserves any pictures. Got the horn hooked up, fixed the headlights (only one was working before), hooked up the reverse lights, fixed a sagging door with new door hinge bushings, and made a hood release cable.

I have a ton of parts that need to go on, but I AM IN DIRE NEED OF 280ZX FRONT HUBS! There are zero choices at the junk yards here, and everybody I contact who’s parting one out either flakes on me or wants something crazy ($100+ shipping). If anybody can help me out with some cheap hubs, you will be rewarded with awesome satisfaction and pictures!

SSR Wagon

This picture is so sick! I’ve always loved the SSR MK3/MK2 staggered look.

April 2, 2012, 1:20 pm
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Nothing much going on. Did a little bit of work on the wagon but nothing groundbreaking. Been hanging out with the infamous BKH808. Here’s some random pictures that I like.

Wall of racecars

mmm 2 door wagon


By the way, have you guys checked out High Top Fade? It’s a pretty amazing blog.

August 29, 2011, 12:25 am
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Not only the toy Hako wagon, but THAT DRAWING IT’S ON! I love cutaway and schematic drawings. I’d love to have that blown up and framed right above my DSalni canvases.

Oh Hello There.
July 19, 2011, 4:54 am
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Aren’t you a gorgeous little thing…

When I was searching for my wagon, I wanted original paint in either orange, poppyseed/mustard yellow or this periwinkle blue. The Equip 03’s and JDM grille look awesome…

The build thread

The Heartbreakers
July 9, 2011, 2:23 am
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Henry picked me up after I checked out of my hotel in SF and let me crash at his place for a couple of nights. Roll up to the casa and you’re greeted by Initial Midnight.

You might’ve seen Henry’s car somewhere.

‘Merican pride! Hung out in a parking lot for a minute before getting a tour of the mountain roads.

Caught a ride in this S14. Nuts.

The next night we checked out a couple of meets. Caught a ride in my favorite car in the world thanks to Justin! He kept saying the 610 looks like crap because he had to run his spares in the front instead of his Longchamps. It’s still the greatest looking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Also, you can catch a glimpse of Yuta’s Cayman beating Civic in the background.

One thing that I’m going to remember till the day that I die is riding with everyone in the back of Justin’s 610 with the hatch open, rolling through a mall’s parking structure blasting Easy-E. FUCK YEAH!

It’s Good To Be Back
July 6, 2011, 5:10 am
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I went on vacation (or a holiday for you British and/or Top Gear fans) and have been back home now for a couple of weeks, just screwing around. I flew up to Seattle to meet up with my brother, sister, and their friends to catch a Yankees/Mariners game (strike “see a Yankees game” off my bucket list), then to Oregon and San Francisco. That’s where things got interesting. A squabble with somebody close left me heartbroken, deflated and alone.

Fortunately, good friends in “the city by the bay” (JOURNEY ROCKS!) not only kept me company, but they also re-ignited my passion for all things vehicular. I got to hang out with the Fatlace crew in San Francisco, then the internet sensations known as the Heartbreakers in San Jose (I owe Henry huge for letting me crash at his place for a couple of nights). Then on a whim, I rented a car and drove down to LA at 2am to party with some old classmates for a couple of nights, before driving back up to SFO to fly home. Gotta see the silver lining in everything right?

One day, Jan from Fatlace picked me up from my hotel in Union Square and brought me to every man’s wet dream known as the Fatlace Paddock. So much cool stuff happening at that place… I would NEVER be able to work there, simply because there are too many toys!

Mark’s drift S14

R32 GT-R that was to built for Time Attack, but I heard it’s been put up for sale. Nonetheless, carbon fiber aero and Weds wheels are gorgeous.

Cool guy Kenny working with the lift so we could sneak a peak under the most amazing Lotus I have ever seen. And what’s that in the background?

Oh hello, my beauties… a completely stock Kenmeri Skyline and a gorgeous Fairlady Roadster. I never thought I would see a Kenmeri in the metal. This is the thing that dreams are made of!

Afterwards, they took me next door so I could give my expert opinion on their shaved ice, since I’m from Hawaii. Making it yourself is so much more rewarding than buying it from Aoki’s, Waiola’s or Matsumoto’s! Then it started snowing in the warehouse. A minibike was started up and donuts ensued. Hilarity at it’s best!

A day or two later, we all met up again by Berkeley to attempt, The Ring of Death. Basically, a hot dog, a plate of italian food, an ice cream sandwich, yogurt and something else. Or something like that. I failed horribly. As a consolation prize I did get to see what is hands down, the sickest Corolla ever.

My hands were shaking from excitement. KENNY… IAMNOTWORTHY!

Bad. Fucking. Ass.

I really wish I brought my camera. Big mahalos to the Fatlace homies. I still gotta send you guys some li hing mui!

Adventures from San Jose with the Heartbreakers coming in part deuce!

And on a side note, I gotta say… it feels weird finally meeting the people that you’ve been idolizing and emulating the last couple of years. The fact that I’ve met them through the internet makes me feel like a creepy Craigslist missed connections guy. HAHAHAHA!

I’m Not Dead
May 2, 2011, 3:07 am
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Just been busy with life. Enjoy these Hako wagons!

January 22, 2011, 4:53 am
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Came home from my buddies bar at 4am…. Open up my mailbox… CHRISTMAS IN JANUARY!

I found out my old schoolmate Rod is not only living in Japan, he’s also running one of the BEST used JDM/Miata parts blog out there. He hooked me up with a 360mm wooden Nardi for cheap. Complete and in great condition for a fraction of what they usually sell for? Count me in. Ask him for what you’re looking for. He’s got more than just the 4×100 Miata offset, if you know what I mean.

In the background is a set of custom 2″ drop blocks with 2 degrees of correction and the U bolts, one of four 510 repair manuals I ordered from Amazon and my weather seal kit.


Hauoli Makahiki Hou!
January 1, 2011, 4:24 am
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Happy New Years, everyone from around the world! I can feel it in my blood that this is gonna be an awesome year!

December ended with a bit of a problem… I went to our local shipping company to pick up a little present to myself on the 30th, but apparently, they decided to celebrate New Years Eve on the 30th. Now I can’t pick up my present until the 2nd of January. I was keeping this a secret until I actually had it in my ownership, but here’s the pics from the build thread:

Yes, that is a 510 wagon in 4 different shades of orange and a red door. And yes, IT IS MINE! It was shipped in from Seaside, Oregon and I’m picking her up on Monday! Big plans are in store for this car and you guys are gonna see it all first as it’s happening!

Why did I choose this car? It’s 99% rust free, it was the previous owner’s daily, it’s gonna make a killer fishing car/cruiser that can fit my buddies in style in and it was CHEAP (well, not so much after shipping). I’ve already bought some new tie rods and a dual cam KA that I might swap in. From my Z that I mayyyyy put in are my SSR Longchamps (15×7 +11) and black cloth Recaros.

Basically, I was looking for something that’s a more fun to drive and looks way radder as a daily than my POS ’00 Corolla.

Short term plans:
*280zx front struts with Techno Toy Tuning coilovers and camber plates
*2 inch drop blocks in the rear
*Urethane bushings everywhere
*280zx disc brakes at all 4 corners
*Mooneyes California metalflake steering wheel with quick release (although a wooden Nardi is still a big possibility)
*Vintage SSR’s with diiiiiiiiish
*Wink mirror (cuz they’re rad!)
*A nod to Anth’s Australian style with some Venetian blinds

Long term goals:
*SR swap
*Air suspension (Still up in the air. If I have to lose the rear seats, then no.)
*Full repaint of the stock orange
*Reupholster the interior with a stock look

Oh yeah, be on the look out for the Kyusha Kai New Years Meet and the 510’s Wheel Fitting Party! So far, I’ve got a bunch of different wheels from friends to try on from myself as well as buddies… 16×7 +20, 15×7+11, 15×8 0, 14×8 -12 and 14×8 -40something. I honestly think the 15×8 0 offsets are gonna be pushing the limits of the metal from what I’ve been reading… Especially if I end up throwing on 280zx front struts.

Static Vs. Air
December 2, 2010, 11:40 pm
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A friend tried to argue with me that I shouldn’t bag my future wagon. I disagree.

Ghost Factory in Japan does it right.



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